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South Whitley native, storyteller Carol Knarr featured in 'Indiana's Got Talent'

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Carol Knarr, 1981 graduate of Whitko High School and daughter of Irene Knarr, resident of Peabody Retirement Center, has been featured in "Indiana’s Got Talent" by David Boyer.  This book is a collection of interviews of Hoosier authors, writers, actors, and filmmakers.  
“I was selected to represent storytellers in Indiana which is quite an honor.  I have only been telling in Indiana three years, although I began telling professionally about ten years ago,” states Knarr.  
The process of interviews began about two years ago.  
“I had just relocated to Indiana.  Had Boyer started his project a year earlier, I would have been living in Arizona,” adds Knarr.  Knarr was located through her website, www.carolknarr.com.  
Since moving to Indiana, Knarr has been telling to schools, libraries, and retirement homes.  
“I am by no means a national teller, but have traveled extensively with storytelling," she said. "Teaching theatre full-time for Jay County High School doesn’t allow as much travel time as I would prefer.  Schools are in session when I am teaching.  Due to the lengthened snow make-up dates for schools in the east, I am able to work in Philadelphia after Jay Schools has closed for the summer.”
There is no typical schedule for a storyteller.  
“June is a great example of how hectic my life as a teller can become," she added. "I spend a day with Aboite Elementary, Fort Wayne.  Just days later I am Junie B. Jones in Philadelphia, Emma Edmonds, a Civil War spy in Whitley County for two days, and telling sacred stories that weekend in Georgetown, Kentucky.  I have not yet told the wrong stories to a group, but there was a time I almost confused Deborah Sampson, a Revolutionary War soldier with Emma Edmonds, a Civil War spy.”
Knarr will perform Wisdom Tales at Timbercrest Retirement Home, North Manchester, June 9 at 6:15 p.m.
Knarr will perform for The Civil War Camp sponsored by the Whitley County Historical Society, Columbia City, June 14-16.
Knarr will perform Nature Stories at Wildwood Nature Preserve, Silver Lake, June 25 at 7 p.m.  This free event is open to the public.
Knarr studied and taught at South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute, Phoenix, Arizona.  Knarr has received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Anderson University, an Master of Arts degree from Indiana University and an MFA from Arizona State University. 


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