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Whitley County Patriots respond to boycott letters, urge residents to 'Freedom of Assembly' at local restaurant today

By Jennifer Zartman Romano

In a recent article on Talk of the Town, CC Deli owner Steve Hostetler shared that following the October 25 visit from State Senator Dan Coats, he began receiving messages from individuals who planned to boycott his business because he opened the doors of his downtown deli to that event.
After reading the article and learning of Hostetler's plight, a group of residents are choosing to frequent his business purposefully today.
The Whitley County Patriots are urging the community to go to CC Deli for lunch today, Monday, November 14, 2011, for what they're calling "Freedom of Assembly."
"In appreciation for Steve Hostetler's willingness to provide a place for any political candidate or party to gather, as well as for a good place to dine, meet friends or enjoy private events, Whitley County Patriots are hoping many folks will stop by and order lunch at noon on Monday, November 14, to celebrate 'Freedom of Assembly," said patriots member Ingrid Coyle.
"In our country there is freedom to meet, just as there is freedom to boycott," said Coyle. "Perhaps perpetrators who signed 'OWS' or 'Occupy Wall Street' to anonymous notes sent to owner of CC Deli Steve Hostetler should travel more to experience other forms of government."


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