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Ivy Tech Northeast announces Fall 2011 Dean's List

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Ivy Tech Community College−Northeast is pleased to announce the Dean’s List for fall 2011. The Dean's List, prepared and published each term, gives recognition to degree-seeking students who achieve a minimum 3.50 grade point average in non-academic skills advancement courses with no Ds or Fs while earning six or more Ivy Tech credits during the semester and have earned at least a total of 12 non-academic skills advancement credits during their course of study. The following students met these qualifications.

Michele Becraft, Deborah Blessing, Gregory Bultemeier, Mattea Collinsworth, Brenda Johnson, Ruth Kiser, Marlene Lewis, Tammy Ormsby, Kimberly Riesen, Jade Rollins, Tracee Ross, Christopher Rosswurm, Jennifer Schmidt, Daniel Thompson, Steven Widmer and Stephanie Widmer.

Columbia City:
Cozetta Ahrens, Brittany Arnold, Eric Berning, Donnie Blaine, Ciera Brower, Karen Carpenter, Michelle Cuffle, Rob Farrar, John Folds, Ashly Foster, Jennifer Gates, Elizabeth Grube, April Haggenjos, Andrew Hartzell, Courtney Hinen, Rebecca Hurst, Melody Janssen, Sheila Keener, Melanie Kennedy, Susan Knowles, Rhonda Logan, Lora Maggard, Craig McCullough, Richard Michael, David Miller, John Mullett, Michele Porter, Mitchell Powell, Michelle Pulley, Chelsea Richmond, Lizzete Rugelio, Jasmine Ruiz, JoEllen Seagrave, Jeffrey Seaton, Tamera Shepherd, Brian Slagal, Christie Stemen, Matthew Swick, Jamie Thorn, Matthew Wagoner, Heather Wireman and Scott Yingst.

Ashley Haegert

South Whitley:
Jonathan Bechtold, Jonathon Bills and Mistie Brown.


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