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Sewer rates, accessibility of sidewalks discussed at most recent Larwill Town Council meeting

From the Tribune-News

New sewer rates were again on the agenda at the Larwill town council meeting.
Council president Rick Hobbs said a rate increase of at least 10 percent is required just to break even with the costs incurred last year.
“We have a bill for $2,355.17 just for the last time Roto Rooter came in,” Hobbs noted.
Figures showing monthly bill increases of $3.40 (9.75%) and $5 (14.3%) were presented. The new rates will be determined at the March 8 meeting.
Clerk-treasurer Renee Sills said she had checked sewer rates in other towns and that even with an increase, Larwill was still going to have one of the lowest rates.
A resident of Main Street came to the meeting to question the lack of disability access on Larwill’s sidewalks and at the entry to the town building.  He said he had talked to a lawyer about it and been assured that disability access has been required since 1992.
Town attorney Greg Hockemeyer explained that sidewalks along SR5 are the responsibility of the state while homeowners are responsible for sidewalks in front of their houses.  Councilwoman Lore Wolfe added that she has started the 2- to 3-year grant application process to improve all the sidewalks. Meanwhile, Larwill has a 50–50 cost sharing program for any homeowner who wants to repair or improve their own sidewalk.
These responses were not enough to satisfy the questioner who became more insistent and louder, interrupting town officials when they were speaking.  Eventually, he was escorted out of the meeting.
In other business, the council approved the 2012 contract with the Richland Township Fire Department for $2,000, which is unchanged from last year.  The contract with the Whitley County Humane Shelter was also renewed at $435.
Alan Foyle presented plans for remodeling at 104 Center St., making a 3-unit apartment into a single unit.
The council also approved spending $1,380 for a reserve sewer pump to avoid extra transportation costs when Roto Rooter has to come out for service calls.
Additionally, the town received permission from the property owner to gravel the drive to the sewer lift station at the ball diamond.  The approach to the lift station has been a problem and service trucks have gotten stuck when called to service that pump.
The Larwill Town Council meets the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. Members are Rick Hobb, Lore Wolfe and Rick Flauding.


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