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Whitley County College Success Coalition selects essay winners

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College GO! Week held this past October for the state of Indiana is all about one big goal--helping Hoosiers plan for college and career success--and the practical steps you can take to get there, whether you're in elementary school or college. Whitley County Success Coalition took this challenge of assisting students in planning and preparing for their future.  The Whitley County College Success Coalition is comprised of business owners, employees, community members, educators, students, and parents.  The focus of the Coalition was during College GO! Week to challenge students from Smith-Green Community Schools, Troy Center Alternative School, Whitko Community Schools, and Whitley County Consolidated Schools to focus on college. Whitley County College Success Coalition Steering Team development their own contest to support students in preparing for college or careers.  Each school building in the county would recognize one winning entry.  The winning student would be awarded $100.00 from the Coalition. 
The contest consisted of the student’s answering the following question for each grade level:
Elementary:  Why are you going to college?
Middle School:  What are you doing to prepare for college?
High School:  How can you help others plan for college or career success? 
The following are the winners of the Whitley County College Success Coalition Contest: 
Coesse Elementary:  Sam Shoda
Little Turtle Elementary:  Delaney Taylor
Mary Raber Elementary:  Brayden Lickey
Indian Springs Middle School:  Victoria Thomas
Troy Center Alternative School:  Danielle Nimtz
Eagle Tech Academy:  Jenna Deathe & Audrey Sjahfiedin
Whitko High School:  Melanie Kelsey


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