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Radio test session successful for six

From reports

The Whitley County Amateur Radio Club W5YI Team held their quarterly test session on Saturday July 29, 2017.
The W5YI Team members present were Catherine Evilsizor / WB8ORR, James Smith / N9FGN, Debra Smith / N9NNU, Steve Holzinger / KC9WBR, David Shakley / N9FGP, Luke Hollman and Roger McEntarfer / N9QCL.
Seven people showed up for the July test session and six left smiling with an upgrade to an existing license.
Upgrading hams are as follows:
Dennis A. Davis / KD9DAD- General Class - Albion, IN
Michael W. Davidson / KD9IVD - General Class - Auburn, IN
Douglas A. Geese / KB8UWG - Extra Class - Churubusco, IN
Benjamin D. Neville / KD8VMU - General Class - Spencerville, IN
Chad A. Zelt / KD9INP - General Class - Monroeville, IN
The next W5YI Test session will be held on Saturday October 28, 2017 from 9 to 11 a.m. in Community Room A & B of the Peabody Library 1160 E. State Rd. 205 - Columbia City, Indiana.
For further information on upcoming test sessions contact Roger McEntarfer/N9QCL via email at n9qcl@arrl.net


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