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Whitko grad inspires incoming freshman class with words of wisdom


(Talk of the Town photos provided)
Travis Trump, above and below, assesses the bees in his hive and notes that they're doing exceedingly well, growing more than anticipated for this late in the season.

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He keeps his newly built shed warm, he says, because it helps keep the honey flowing. Travis Trump is a father, a husband, a land owner, an employee, a college graduate who has obtained his master's degree, and today he reflects upon his memories as a Whitko High School graduate from the class of 1996. TrumpBeeHive2.jpg
He cautions that if the bees buzz louder, they are giving off a warning. If that buzzing sound continues to grow even louder, it's his signal to move away from the hive so as not to agitate the bees too much. Bee Keeping, also known as apiary, is a favorite pastime that Trump says he has been afforded because of his hard work put in during his youth at Whitko.
"When you meet at get-togethers or parties, people will ask you what you do," says Trump, "and to me, I think as I've aged, it's more important who you are, not just what you do."
The theme that he continued to re-enforce as he remembered his years in high school, challenged students to know they were capable of more than they realized, "I really think there's something important, and something that's rewarded in our society for people who are willing to step outside their comfort zone."
As an HR professional, Trump confessed that everyday he sees people who strive to do more than "just enough," and that those who decide they are going to take the initiative are rewarded for stepping out. For those who will try to better themselves by learning a skill that doesn't necessarily come natural to them, Trump says, "I definitely think that has made a big difference in their career."
To the incoming freshmen, 21 years after his own graduation, Trump's advice was clear: "If you've really invested from the very beginning of high school, and you've taken the time, and you've put in the effort, it's going to open up so many opportunities for you. Whether you enter a college or university, or whether you enter a trade school. There are going to be so many more opportunities for you if you invest in your education, you work on your study habits, you work on your professionalism and doing things right, and no matter how much it takes that you do those things properly."
If hind-site is 20/20, for Travis Trump the imagery was clear for the incoming freshman class at Whitko "Down the road, it's probably going to be your education that's going to take you farther in your career than anything else you do."
Wednesday evening during freshmen orientation, a video that included Travis Trump was shared with the incoming student body at Whitko High School. To see the video, viewers can subscribe to the Whitko Video Channel on Youtube.com or visit the videos link on the schools website www.whitko.org. Whitko Community Schools' first classes began August 10.


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