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WCSD hosts demonstration for drug detection in mail

From reports

As part of Sheriff Marc Gatton's efforts to reduce the threat of illegal drugs entering the Whitley County Jail, he hosted an informational session last week with representatives of the ChemImage Corporation where they demonstrated use of the VeroVision Mail Screener in Columbia City.
According to a news release issued by Gatton, the product has the ability to screen mail coming into the jail to help protect jail staff from exposure to fentanyl and reduce or stop illicit substances from entering correctional facilites.
The VeroVision product scans articles of mail and can detect a variety of illegal substances. Within seconds, using shortwave infrared light, the technology can detect the presence of substances indetectable by the human eye, preventing drugs from entering the jail and protecting jail personnel.
"As Sheriff of Whitley County, I'm well aware of the potential for dangerous situations that can occur in facilities when drugs are concealed in inmate mail," Gatton stated. "VeroVision mail screening offers an innovative solution to combat this issue and keep both the staff and inmate population safe."
Representatives from dozens of sheriff's departments across the state attended the demonstration in Columbia City.
It is unclear when this technology might be fully implemented locally.


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