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Upcoming Chamber workshop aimed at stopping negative internal dialogue

(Talk of the Town photo provided) Leslee Hill of the Women's Entrepreneurial Opportunity Center, below, is the keynote speaker for the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center's July luncheon and workshop.

Article provided

As part of the 2018 Chamber Women's Lunch Series, Leslee Hill, director of the Women's Entrepreneurial Opportunity Center, will present a friendly, interactive workshop to engage and empower women entitled "You are not a fraud." The luncheon will be held Thursday, July 26 at noon at the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center, 128 West Van Buren Street in downtown Columbia City. LesleeHill.jpg
According to Hill, Imposter Syndrome is a pattern of thinking in which a person, women especially, doubt their accomplishments and fear they will be exposed as a 'fraud.' Although a person can be quite competent, achieve high praise, academic honors, professional recognition and public accolades -- they can still believe they aren't good enough and lack confidence in their skills and abilities. Fear of failure, guilt and denial of one's own ability can create the Imposter Syndrome.
Hill said the internal dialog that 'I'm a fake' or 'I was just lucky' or 'I'm not good enough' becomes prevalent as women try to meet the image of perfection created by society. We struggle to meet the expectation of the perfect family, the perfect job, the perfect life. Internally we fear evaluation, not being successful, that we aren't being as 'good' as others and we fear we will be 'exposed' and we don't deserve the recognition we have received. In reality, you are actually accomplishing quite a lot and you are not a fraud! You do deserve praise! You are intelligent! You are successful! Are you perfect? No, but no one is perfect!
"We think it's important to talk about this because it is a pattern we can change. This negative internal dialog gets in the way of your potential to succeed in really big ways," said Jennifer Romano, executive director of the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center.
Hill's workshop will cover the following topics:
• Why do we strive for this image of perfection?
• How to stop the negative talk?
• Quit beating yourself up with unrealistic demands and expectations you impose on yourself.
• How to squash feelings of self-doubt when it creeps into your thoughts
• Accept your achievements and praise from others
The workshop, which includes a catered lunch, is $15 per person. Space is limited, so you must RSVP by Friday, July 20 to attend. To reserve your seat, contact the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center by calling 248-8131 or email: office@whitleychamber.com


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