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July 29, 2011

Ode to Edna and Roy

(Talk of the Town photo provided) An quiet moment with Roy and Edna Duncan. 

By Susie Duncan Sexton

Tiny Kodak photograph’s an inspiration,
Nudging all toward joy and stifling frustration.
Poised upon my perfectly round kitchen table --

Crafted by Floyd Sullivan, Bob Hiss from maple!
Scrambled eggs, grits, corn-bread, home-grown sliced tomatoes,
Phone calls, door-bells, surprise visitors—friends and foes,
Parties, consultations, band-aids, grand-children, pets,
Jokes, laughter, tear-drops, card decks, cup and saucer sets…
Off to Blue Bell’s front office, West Ward School or church!
Start each day with napkins -- and silverware drawer search.
Meet again -- noontime -- vegetable soup for lunch.
Congregating at supper – tired yet happy bunch!
Ah, “Mr. D”, synonymous with love and cheer,
Father-hen to family, employees.  So dear!
Role-model of protectiveness, consistency,
Friendliness, encouragement, and FIERCE loyalty.
“Snooks”, aproned, bustling, inclusive, and witty,
Short of stature, ever eager, fun and pretty,
Seldom recognized for your brilliant mind -- your strength!
To channel your fervor, I’d go to any length.
Fascinating!  The two of you loved, lasted, rhymed.
Up, over, through, around Life’s challenges I’ve climbed.
Do be proud that I’m certainly no dunce –
Here’s a “Thank You” I’ve OWED  “y’all” more than once!

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