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Grateful to the neighbors for putting the float back in my boat after the Ike-inspired storm

(Talk of the Town photo by Stephanie Carpenter) Our 1956 Thunder Bay spent a little while submerged under the dark waters of Loon Lake this evening following the Ike-inspired storm late today. By the time this photo was taken, 2/3 of the water had already been pumped out. Stephanie sent this photo from her cell phone for posterity.


Thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Ike, our beloved 52 year-old runabout had a brief foray as an underwater shipwreck this afternoon. As awful as that sounds, that’s not even what I want to tell you about, actually.

It’s the neighbors you need to know about. You would be lucky to have neighbors so kind, thoughtful and self-less as I have at the lake. I am forever grateful.

After taking my husband to the airport for his third business trip in two weeks, the children and I stopped to do some shopping and then went home. Coming into the kitchen, I realized that I’d missed a few calls on my cell phone. When I returned the most recent call, it was to one of my neighbors up at the lake. She was frantic and had been trying to get ahold of me for awhile.

Seemingly, we’d gotten a lot of rain up there. A whole lot. And they’d noticed our boat was getting more than a little soggy. Other neighbors, from other vantage points, had also noticed the problem. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse as the storm grew worse. Major waves and wind resulted in our boat rapidly sinking about ¾ of the way underwater late in the day.

Before I was even aware any of this had happened, a gathering of neighbors from all along the south shore of the lake had banded together and pulled the boat up as close to shore as they could. Using a sump pump, they worked together to remove most of the water so that by the time I got word about what had happened (and then frantically drove up there to see what I could do about it), they were already well in control of the situation.

When I arrived, a big group of neighbors could be seen, gathered on the pier as well as in and around the boat. Some were pumping water, others were trying to get the engine restarted, hoping the brief underwater exposure had not permanently damaged the vintage motor. Still others were running errands for those working on these projects.

I was speechless. What heart-warming kindness! What genuine friends who would immediately come to my aid when I didn’t even know I was in need of their assistance!

Had I discovered the submerged boat, myself, I don’t know what I would have done. I don’t even know who I would have called.

I am contemplating what I might be able to do to thank them all for having helped me. I’ll start here…but it just doesn’t seem enough.

Thank you more than you know…Scott & Amy Bean, Paul Squires, Sean Pierce, Stephanie Carpenter, Wes Squires, Ed Chafin and Vince Dial. I am grateful for your help today and to have you as neighbors.


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