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It is just too bad when a few bad apples ruin it for everybody, in this case -- little children in South Whitley.

Many by now have heard that vandals wreaked enough havoc on the midway, slashing a giant inflatable shark and doing who knows what to some other rides – allegedly. The reports about exactly what happened, like any interesting news in a small community, have probably been embellished with each telling. Regardless, something unfortunate happened.

Angered, the carnival packed up and left town early. This left more than a few children and adults disappointed on Sunday when there were no rides. What a shame! You can’t blame the carnival folks – the suffered what various people have indicated was some fairly expensive damage to their equipment. We can, however, blame the idiots that ruined the experience to a certain degree for everyone else. I just bet that if they had to explain their actions to an angry, sobbing three-year-old who didn’t get to enjoy the rides on Sunday afternoon as planned – they might have taken a little less joy in their revelry on Saturday night.


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