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The Blessed Arrival of Twins

(Written Monday, September 22, 2008, at 7:45 a.m.)

At this moment, I’m sitting in the recovery room at Parkview North Hospital. All that separates me from my sister are two doors to the operating room. All that separates her from her twin sons is a layer of flesh.

Every single noise has me peeking around the corner where I can see what’s going on – each clank of some mechanism in the door jerks me to attention.

This morning as I drove from Columbia City in the dark toward the hospital to be here for my task – the photographer – I was struck by how odd it felt for it to finally be “the day.” For months, we’ve prayed to keep those babies in and now it is safe at last for their arrival.

Arriving, I found her and her husband to be considerably more nervous than me. Moments ago, I received a call from our brother – he’s nervous too.

In hopes of calming down, I just listened to a fun song that reminds me of my sister, “Boogie On Reggae Woman” by Stevie Wonder. We played that song at Sarah’s wedding and I rem…

(At this point -- I hear cries! Loud wailing next door! Could that be them? Are they here? I’m sure I’ll find out momentarily…)

I sit here remembering the joy of Sarah and Adam’s wedding and a year ago, in the spring, sitting in the waiting room at Parkview Hospital’s Randallia Campus waiting for news of Eleanor’s arrive into the world. I was, on that blessed day, the first one outside of her parents to meet her, marvel at her and to, of course, photograph her.

It is hard to believe that their little family will number five within a matter of minutes.


It is now nearly a week after the twins’ arrival. I had to stop writing and listening to the iPod because I was unable to focus. Every noise had my attention and after hearing the cries, I knew someone would be out to tell me the news at any time. A short while later, my sister’s nurse (a friend of hers) came out and told me they had been born. What seemed like an eternity later, I actually got to meet the twins.

I am now the proud aunt of two little nephews – William and Thomas. They are absolutely beautiful little babies and despite a few, fortunately brief, scary moments – all seems to be well. They went home from the hospital yesterday. Seventeen-month-old Eleanor, according to my sister, now looks like a giant compared to her tiny little brothers. She is very excited about them and is talking about them. I will never forget taking her to the hospital to see them last Tuesday – she danced! She was dancing around by their isolettes! Was it the frozen custard we ate in the car before the visit? Probably…but I think it was also that she’s delighted they are finally here too!


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