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I sure don't want to jinx it...

Summer has arrived in our household, bringing with it, this year, a lot of anticipation and a bit of anxiety too.

After spending several weeks this spring making countless trips to the second hand store and consignment store, and later a storage unit, we managed to whittle away much of the stuff our family has accumulated over the past nine years -- all in anticipation of moving.

Just when we were beginning to feel some pangs of defeat and question whether God really had a plan for us to move, we got an offer and I’m pleased to say we’re now in the process of watching and waiting for inspections, appraisals and surveys to be finished, mortgages to go through and all the other things that keep you on edge when you might be moving. I guess I say might because for some reason I feel like I’m going to jinx this whole thing if I make it an absolute – as much as I am absolutely hopeful we are moving.

Many readers wondered if I was moving far away. Not a chance! I can't imagine being anywhere but Whitley County. Others have wondered if we’re moving to the lake full time at last. That remains to be seen. If things work out like we’re hoping they do, we won’t be moving up there just yet – but we’ll stay in town due to the proximity of daily activities.

In the meantime, we’ve entered the phase of home inspections and approvals. On inspection day, after spending considerable time at the place we’re hoping to be moving to, I think I can say out loud that I will be crushed if this doesn’t work out for some reason. Crushed. Worse still – the little people in our home will be crushed too as they’ve now picked out bedrooms, boxed up most of their belongings and are eager to have their own new rooms and all the other cool things we discovered – topping the list, a tree swing in a corner of a shady lawn. Simple things, but big things to little people.

If nothing else is accomplished from all of this, we’ve managed to lighten our load and get rid of A LOT of stuff. I’m sure some might argue there’s a lot more we could do with out and I think we will be happy to part with it. I can’t begin to tell you how liberating it has been to continue to give away – and then give away even more. The first couple of barrels full of stuff were difficult to fill, but I found it got easier each time I did it. Now, I can get rid of things daily, effortlessly – when I have time.

Now that summer is here, I’m find that while Daylight Savings Time had made our days longer – I seem to have less time to work with! It fills up with practices, camps, classes, meetings, zipping here and there. I was eagerly awaiting sleeping in now that kids don’t need to be driven to school at 8 a.m. – but the sun and loud, chirping birds have us up and out of bed earlier than it typically did in the winter months!  

One thing I’m not really looking forward to is the packing to move. A lot of it has been done already when we moved things into storage, yet there is plenty yet to do. I don’t want to be spending the nice days packing boxes indoors when I could be at the lake or the Splashpad with the kids. What a dilemma! I am grateful to the friends who’ve not only offered to help us move, but those who’ve offered to come over and help me pack too. Many hands make the work light and such will be the case with packing. I can’t thank you all enough.

So now, we just have to be patient and wait. We think we might be moving…we just don’t know when. We think we know where we want to be and we’re hopeful we’re right. Regardless, this is going to be a big summer for our family and I can't wait to tell you we ARE moving!


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