Columbia City’s trash collection days slated to change in August

(Talk of the Town graphic provided) The graphic above shows how the City of Columbia City will be divided for trash collection days.

From reports

The City of Columbia City recently announced a change in the weekly trash pickup schedule for customers. Beginning the week of August 2, 2021, trash pickup will occur on two days.

The city will be divided in half by Main Street, with trash on the west side of the city being picked up on Tuesdays, and trash on the east side of the city being picked up on Wednesdays. This change comes as the trash contractor, Advanced Disposal, has been acquired by Waste Management.

“WM is the leading provider of comprehensive waste management, and commits to taking care of each other, our customers, our communities and the environment,” said Aaron Johnson, area vice president at Waste Management. “We look forward to serving the City of Columbia City with safe, efficient and high-quality service.”

Previously, customers’ trash was picked up on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

“Streamlining trash collection will be beneficial for the aesthetics of our City and will help us navigate better around the holidays,” stated Mayor Ryan Daniel. “We are excited to have Waste Management now serving our community, as a continuation of Advanced Disposal’s service.”

The City’s contract with Waste Management was recently extended to 2024.