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Subject: a need so impossible?


(Talk of the Town images provided)

 By Susie Duncan Sexton


sometimes lives can intersect.

often hearts and minds connect.

(not to be too circumspect)

internet travels spark fun.

street corner chats once were done.

communication begun!

either format much the same.

human to human the game.

face to face? laughter the aim!

therapeutic screen to screen.

type language to those unseen.

instructive but never mean.

stamped enveloped notes not fast.

antiquities of the past--

meant to endure, save, and last.

phone numbers -- stored, memorized

never dialed, alphabetized --

in palm of a hand. downsized.


bark, whinny, neigh, bleat, quack, bray,

meow, oink, howl, buzz, sing, pray.

please let us speak, talk today?

listen! back and forth we go!

not just the Zuckerberg show.

our own wrapped in love, ya know?


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