Whitley County EDC launches newly created logo, branding

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Whitley County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) announces the launch of its new brand and website as part of the ongoing evolution and growth of the organization.

Whitley EDC serves as the main point of contact for industry and workforce development and to match the direction of growth for the organization a new brand was created. The new brand consists of a new logo, new color scheme and new website, which was shown to the public for the first time during the Annual Meeting on June 14.

“Our brand is an important investment and we felt it was time for a new, refreshed and more modern look to reflect our ongoing commitment to attracting and retaining wealth in Whitley County. We hope our new brand reflects that commitment and our values and results,” said Dale Buuck, Whitley EDC President.

The new logo represents the modern business of attracting capital investment and building community with a blocked icon representing the letters W and C. The W showcases the industry side while the C subtly reflects the residential and placemaking space of economic development. Whitley County is now the primary focus of the logo as the Economic Development Corp. is secondary.

New Whitley EDC Logo

“In the business of economic development, where we are is so important. The new logo communicates to our targeted audiences that we are Whitley County first and we provide economic development services,” said Kennedy Saggars, Whitley EDC Marketing Director. 

Whitley EDC was already branded with green and grey to communicate growth and health. The new color scheme adds a secondary blue color to communicate trust and dependability. 

The new branding efforts also include a new website. The website was created to be used as a resource for site selectors and current businesses and residents of Whitley County. The new site offers easier navigation, demographic profiles, incentive information, elected local government contacts, and more. Check out the new website by visiting whitleyedc.com

As economic development has changed for Whitley County during the last 27 years the logo and branding initiatives were changed to reflect who Whitley EDC is today and the professionalism of the organization. 

Ferguson Advertising created the logo and brand personality, and Clix Web created the website. The project was funded through grants from the Community Foundation of Whitley County, Indiana Michigan Power and Purdue IN-MaC. 

During the coming months, Whitley EDC will update all marketing literature with the new logo and branding. Meanwhile, we invite our business partners to contact us via email at ksaggars@whitleyedc.com for our new logo.